Response plans at 41Saveurs

together, we stand strong!

 Hello dear clients,

We are writing to advise you on the status of COVID-19 response plans at 41Saveurs.

In conjunction with the Quebec government's requirement to cancel all event of 250 people or more, even though we are not gathering large amounts of people at once, we are in continuing service to the public. In order to slow down the spread of this disease so that public heatlh system in not overwhelmed, we decided to postpone our open-to-the-public activities, returning to serve you on Monday March 30th 2020 at 10h00 (monitoring government adjustments and guidance) 

We will continue to work (closed doors) in orders already placed ahead of time, so don’t worry! We will take care of your order and make sure we delivery on time for your special event. A representative will be contacting you for further processing on your order.

We will consider further adjustments for the following week based on the guidance of the government.

We will use our web-site:, e-mail:, and social media: instagram: @41saveurs, FB: 41 Saveurs to let you know further changes.

We are inviting you to remain calm in these trying times.

Do not let fear consume you. Together...We stand strong!
Be safe!,

41Saveurs Sunday March 15th 2020 13h27 


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